Menasha Opens Expanded Health Care/Self Care Center of Retail Excellence at Walgreens

May 21, 2019

New Team to Focus on Category Data, Brand Benchmarking and Speed to Innovation
Neenah, Wis. – Menasha Packaging Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, announced that it is moving its designated Walgreens account team to Northbrook, Illinois. The new Health Care/Self Care “Center of Retail Excellence” will combine dedicated Walgreens-experienced project managers and new category data analysts with the Chicago-based Menasha/Walgreens design team. The new location is less than six miles from Walgreens’ Headquarters.
Colleen Wills, Menasha’s Director of Business Development for Walgreens, leads the team that boasts a combined total of more than 50 years of hands-on experience with the retailer. She says the move was prompted by a desire to foster improved collaboration between Menasha and Walgreens to provide an enhanced focus on category data, brand benchmarking and speed to innovation for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies supplying Walgreens.
“This location enhances what we deliver to both Walgreens and the CPG community,” said Wills. “We have dedicated, in-house project managers to focus on optimizing the front end of the merchandising process, taking weeks out of the typical process. By having project managers and designers at the same location, we can go from concept to design to customer sample very quickly. Our expanded team focused on category data and analytics will also help us work with merchants to create greater operational efficiencies for Walgreens and its customers.”
The partnership between Walgreens and Menasha dates to 2002. Today, Menasha is an expert in Walgreens’ extensive style requirements for retail displays. This expertise enables Menasha to help CPG companies deliver effective, compliant displays to Walgreens. 
“It’s important to understand the categories and how your brands are executing compared to the competition,” said Wills. “We have invested in new approaches to category data and competitive benchmarking that will be revolutionary, and the data tells us how to best allocate valuable merchandising dollars. We are excited to host these kinds of discussions in our new space!”
Paul Murphy, Vice President, Retail Strategy and Sales for Menasha said he agrees.
“It’s critical to invest in meaningful relationships with customers like Walgreens so we cannot only speak in the same language that Walgreens is, but that our solutions address the needs and strategies of both Walgreens and our customers,” Murphy explained. “This helps close the gaps between intent and execution so retailers can win more broadly while improving speed and reducing waste.”