Beyond a box—a protection and sales system

It began simply with a drive to make a superior box. Today, it’s a bit more complex. We design shipping packaging solutions that solve multiple problems: they hold, protect, and sell product. The needs are many—special shipping, storage, display—so our corrugated packaging solutions are designed precisely. From our experience, developing shipping packaging has emerged a proven 3-step process: Analysis, Assessment, and Evaluation. 

Of course, lean is incorporated into every solution Menasha provides. Our approach combines the appropriate teams, processes, and tools to drive continuous improvement through the supply chain. The ultimate goal is always to generate maximum cost savings for our customers.

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Protection Packaging

Designed to protect


We have the tools and knowledge to create the optimum corrugated packaging for your special shipping, storage, and display needs. We analyze your current packaging and offer suggestions to improve costs or effectiveness. Menasha will help assess your supply chain and develop unique packaging and supply chain solutions for inbound and outbound products. Our packaging experts will evaluate all aspects of your packaging needs including vulnerability factor of products in transit, speed of assembly and packing, stacking strength requirements, presentation and promotion variables and your budget.

Lean is incorporated into every solution we provide. Our approach combines the appropriate teams, processes and tools to drive continuous improvement through the supply chain, generating maximum cost savings for our customers. Our defined five step lean packaging system offers savings, optimization, flexibility and speed.

Shipping Containers

Where we got our start

We were pioneers in the corrugated packaging field. But we don't just make corrugated boxes to hold your product. We design solutions to sell your product. For customers who still need traditional packaging for a complex mix of packaging components, we can also help with the logistics of pack-out, delivery, and tracking. 


Bring on the big jobs

Menasha’s corrugated bulk boxes may be the perfect solution for your large shipping packaging needs. Our bulk boxes provide exceptional strength and durability for the storage and transport of big products or large quantities of parts.

Menasha's bulk box capabilities
  • One-piece construction for easy handling and assembly
  • Variety of sizes and shapes, including hexagons and octagons
  • Multiple corrugated flute sizes, including A, B, and C
  • Multiple board styles, including single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall
  • High-performance, dry-fold scoring
  • Innovative razor slitting


Where custom is standard

Become a fan of fanfold. It’s an ideal solution for products of unusual lengths and shapes, and it affords manufacturers of multi-sized products a unique alternative to multiple container usage. And, because of its customization characteristics, fanfold lends itself to a wide variety of packaging applications.

Fanfold benefits:
  • Easier to handle than large, scored, unfolded sheets
  • Elimination of set-up charges associated with small quantity box orders
  • Uniform bale size allows space optimization for freight and warehousing, reducing handling costs
  • SKU reduction
  • Elimination of void fill and cut down of oversize cartons
  • Reduced obsolescence
Specific uses for fanfold packaging
  • Furniture
  • Countertops
  • Siding
  • Electrical parts
  • Molding and trim
  • Custom screens
  • Window blinds
  • Medical devices
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Tubing (plastic and metal)
  • Custom glass
  • Door frames
  • Aircraft and aerospace parts