Managing every aspect of the merchandising supply chain... along the path-to-switch

Rx-to-OTC switches can be painful. Menasha is a trusted partner when it comes to understanding and complying with the highly regulated procedures of over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging. Menasha has the experience, certifications, and qualifications to seamlessly integrate every aspect of the merchandising supply chain.

Use the power of Menasha’s unsurpassed and comprehensive retail relationships with our nationwide design, manufacturing, and contract packaging capabilities for both your packaging and displays. Our team bridges the gap with our experience, breadth of products and services, and a clear focus on the demands of the OTC healthcare market.

Rx-to-OTC end-to-end solutions:

  • Pre-Sale Switch Support
  • Retailer Collaboration
  • Packaging & Displays
  • In-Store Promotion & Execution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • FDA Registered Service Facilities
  • Day One Deployment Strategy

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